New Years resolution… More Personal Progress? This will help you!

Do you have a New Years resolution to work on personal progress more? Maybe you just want to work on it, but it hasn’t seemed very fun. This will help you out!

For Christmas my Young Women leaders gave all the girls a Peace in Christ Personal Progress Journal by the RedHeadedHostess. This has become one of my favorite Christmas gifts! I’ve been doing personal progress off and on but there’s been big breaks in between and I’ve just needed more help and encouragement to do it. This book makes it really nice and easy because it helps you along the way. It helps you get most of the personal progress experiences done in a little over a year. It can be used for Personal Progress, normal journal writing, and for a spiritual journal. Every Sunday there is a new experience for you to complete. I love how it doesn’t overwhelm you with the personal progress experiences. Depending on the experience (like if you have to practice something for 3 weeks) it will wait till the amount of time you have to work on the personal progress experience till it introduces a new one to do. I highly recommend this tool to help you with personal progress. So if you’re struggling and need some help this is a good tool!

I’m very thankful for tools to help out in our progression in life. I’m grateful for a tool we have, Personal Progress that helps us become more like Christ, and how it has and will bless me now throughout my life.

Click here to see the peace in me personal progress book.

Click here to see the Doodle personal progress book.



Family History Fun!

I recently saw this awesome video on the Church’s youth website – Click here to watch.

Even though our ancestors didn’t actually have social media when they lived, it’s still fun and important to imagine, know, and try to understand what they went through in their lives. Maybe they even had some of the same struggles as you do! Learn about your ancestors, draw strength from their example, and do their temple work! We are promised that as we do this work, we will be protected and our ancestors will watch out for us!

I have found that this blog is a great resource for getting started on family history work.


True Friends

Last night we had a fun YW activity to learn to make friendship bracelets. While we made the bracelets, we all shared stories of true friendship in our lives. Some were sweet or serious, and some were silly, but they all showed examples of the true friends we all had in our lives.

My story sounds a little silly, but it means a lot to me. Last year at girls camp, I was changing in the bathroom and had put my clothes, as well as my lanyard with my schedule, on a shelf above the toilet. I pulled a piece of clothing off the shelf, and suddenly my lanyard slid over the edge – and into the toilet!!!! Ew! I am a bit of a germaphobe, and there was NO WAY I was getting that lanyard out of the toilet; but what was I to do?  I couldn’t just leave it there! I opened the bathroom door, not sure what my plan was, but realizing I had to do something. Anyway, when I opened the door, a girl from my ward was standing there and saw the panicky look on my face.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

I blushed and sheepishly told her what happened. What she did next surprised me: she shrugged like it was no big deal, walked past me into the bathroom, and picked the lanyard out of the toilet without a second thought. Then she put it in the shower and smiled at me and went back out.

I couldn’t believe it! This girl had just pulled my lanyard out of the toilet!!! Even when I wasn’t willing to do it myself! She didn’t care about the consequences or the bad effect for her – she just served me. I love her for that and she is such a true friend to me! I’m so grateful to Heavenly Father for good friends who set awesome examples and surround me with good influences.

Do you have a story of true friendship? Share it in the comments! 

Girls Camp DIY Journal Flip-Thru

Hello! Before I start talking about what I have learned at camp I decided to show you my journal that I made. Most of the supplies came from Target dollar spot so it was affordable. I brought it with me to camp, & I really enjoyed writing in it every night. I will forever cherish this journal, & if you have not gone to camp yet, for sure either make a journal, or just use one that you may already have…Enjoy!


Stay updated! 

So I’ve been at Girls camp for the past few days (just got back) & that’s why nothing has been posted…Stay updated because tomorrow you should see something. Thanks for being patient! Have you gone to Girls camp yet? If so, when? Did you have fun? 

I had a blast. Can’t wait to share all of my fav parts. Love ya,


We got something exciting to tell you…

Marigold Girls is working towards reaching out to many different social media accounts so that’s why we have decided to create a YouTube channel! We would love all of you to be able to Subscribe to our new channel because some videos that will be put on there won’t be on here so definitely check that out below. Also if you didn’t know we do have a Facebook page as well. 

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I know in the world, we can sometimes feel like we are pressured to do and/or to be something.  You can look at someone who is a successful singer & sometimes the person will do what other singers have done. They want to “fit in” but in real terms, they want to feel wanted/loved by their fans. It’s very sad if you think about it. God loves us and wants us to be happy. We should respect the body God has given to us…

We as young women can be examples on how to treat our bodies like a Temple and make good modesty choices, even if that makes us different. That’s the fun part in life…Being different.

I hope we can all be proud of being different, because being you, is the sparkle in life