Obedience will protect you

I wanted to share a cool video with all of you.  Catherine did a post about a year ago, but the church made a video to illustrate the story.  If you want to see the original talk click here It is called “Blessed and Happy Are Those Who Keep the Commandments of God.” I learned from the video that God’s commandments are there for a reason, to protect us and help us to be happy.

Even though it may seem that the barrier restricts us from bigger, more fun waves, it actually protects us from the dangers – the sharks.

I know that when I have kept the commandments, I truly have been blessed and protected. I’m so thankful for that protecting barrier in my life.



Choose this day – don’t procrastinate

Ok, I’ll admit it…I sometimes can procrastinate my daily tasks to the next day. I really liked this video that I am about to show you below because it has a really good lesson about doing things today instead of tomorrow. This video I actually had to watch as a part of my seminary assignment the other day and I thought I should share it just in case if you didn’t see it.


Let me know your thoughts about this subject in the comments below!


Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls

This post is similar to Annale’s post last week called “Being Christlike is Beautiful“. Sometimes we worry about whether we are pretty or not. I think every girl struggles with this – I know I do. I love this quote because it says happy girls are the prettiest girls. True happiness comes from choosing the right and following Jesus Christ. When we are truly happy, we will be truly pretty. As we try to follow Christ we will become prettier along each step of the way. 😀

I’d also like to share a video that’s called “Deep Beauty” (which has been shared on Marigold Girls before about a year ago but if you didn’t see it then you can click on that link) Think about this quote while you watch the video.



Being Christlike is Beautiful!

Most girls our age think about boys in one way or another. A lot of girls try to show off for boys, dress immodestly, etc. Other girls like boys, but don’t make a big deal about it. Some girls don’t worry about boys at all. I believe it doesn’t matter at this point whether you like boys or not. As long as you are always being kind and remember who you are, it doesn’t make a big difference.

I just found this awesome video I’d like to share with you! In it, boys (from our LDS church) are interviewed about what they like in girls. it isn’t what you might expect! What is important to them are things like being kind and caring, willing to share her testimony, dressing modestly, etc. Many girls think it’s all about being the prettiest or the smartest, but these boys don’t believe that. They care about a girl who knows that she is as a daughter of God, and finds confidence in that – not what the world tells her. This video taught me a lot, and the advice from these boys is going to help me be more confident in being myself. If you’d like to watch it, here it is:


Girls Camp DIY Journal Flip-Thru

Hello! Before I start talking about what I have learned at camp I decided to show you my journal that I made. Most of the supplies came from Target dollar spot so it was affordable. I brought it with me to camp, & I really enjoyed writing in it every night. I will forever cherish this journal, & if you have not gone to camp yet, for sure either make a journal, or just use one that you may already have…Enjoy!