Motivation for 2017!

I found these wonderful picture quotes on!

Use this link to get the downloadable versions for your phone wallpaper, or to print!



Be A Candle!

Recently, Jocelyn asked us to be a tree and stand firm for our beliefs. Today I want to ask you to be a candle (even though candles and trees aren’t usually a good combination, today they are!). In Luke chapter 11, verses 35-36, it says:

35 Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness.

36 If thy whole body therefore be‍ full of light, having no part dark, the whole shall be full of light, as when the bright shining of a candle doth give thee light.

I also found this neat picture:

Here's a thought I leave you to ponder... Light has no shadow! The Bible says... "God is light; in him there is no darkness at all" 1 John 1:5.:

Isn’t it so cool?

Light has no shadow! So when we have the light of God, there will be no evil in us and that’s what we want, isn’t it?! Another way to say that is: If there is no evil in us, then we have the light of God. People around us notice our light. Many times people have asked a member of the Church how they always have this bright glow around them, or how their eyes have such a SPARKLE in them. When we have the pure light of God, we can share it with others and help them receive that light! (Can you tell I love this topic?) 🙂


He will carry you!

I’m sure many of you have heard – or heard of – the poem “Footprints”. I LOVE this story in verse, and if you haven’t read it yet, here it is:

I love this great reminder! Recently I heard a song by Hilary Weeks called “He Will Carry You”.  It’s wonderful and I thought you’d enjoy listening to it!

Always remember that He is ready to pick you up and carry you through any trials, and you will never walk alone!