Impact of Words

Have you ever noticed how big an impact words have on others? A compliment brings a smile. An insult brings a frown. Just one word could change the atmosphere around you.

Sometimes we don’t think words have such a big impact and push away a thought to compliment someone or say something to someone. President Thomas S. Monson said “Perhaps you will forget tomorrow the kind words you say today, but the recipient will remember them for a lifetime.”

How are you using your words? What can you do to improve your words? Maybe it’s cleaning up your language, maybe it’s saying “Thank you” more often, maybe it’s being more positive, maybe it’s teasing your siblings less. Whatever you do to try to improve your words, it will make a difference and invite more of the spirit into your life.

How can you use your words to bless the lives of others?

Final quote by Thomas S. Monson, “As we arise each morning let us determine to respond with more love and kindness to whatever might come our way.”

To end I’d like to share with you an uplifting song called “Words” by Hawk Nelson. Think of what you can do with your words to better bless the lives of others while you listen to the song.



I’ll go where you want me to go…

This is a video that I watched for my seminary assignment. It’s a really powerful video because it shows that when you help someone you can teach them the gospel just by being an example. It actually made me tear up a bit, so I thought I should share it with you all since it’s an older video, and you might’ve not seen it yet…Enjoy!

Comment below if you had any experiences before where you helped someone that led them to the gospel.



There is this song that I have been listening to for a little while now and I thought I should share it on Marigold Girls…Enjoy!

I really like this song because it has so many true factors in it. 

Ask yourself: Am I sharing the light that is inside of me?  Am I being my authentic self? When other people see me, do they see Jesus? 

There is a quote that I love and it says:

Turn that frown upside down girl! You never know which day is your last…Live like you only have a few hours left! 


Easter – Our Superior Savior #PrinceOfPeace

Happy Easter! Today is the day that we celebrate our savior, Jesus Christ. Who suffered for our sins, & knows how we feel in our troubled times.

#PrinceOfPeace #HeIsRisen


Here is a wonderful video of Claire Ryan singing the Hymn, “Beautiful Savior”.

I hope you will have a great, spiritual, Easter Sunday…Let’s always remember our superior Savior, Jesus Christ.



Get Back Up Again (Trolls movie) what can we learn from it? 

From the movie Trolls by DreamWorks, which came out last year (2016), there is a song from it called, “Get Back Up Again”. The girl troll in the music video is named Princess Poppy. Trolls are happy little creature who sing, hug, and party. Princess Poppy’s friends are captured by a bergen who is going to give them to the bergen king to eat. The Bergens think that if they eat a troll it will make them happy. In the music video Princess Poppy is journeying to the Bergens’ land to save her friends. Watch the video and think about how it can apply to you.

What a fun music video! “Get Back Up Again” is one of my favorite songs. Did you find anything that could apply to you in the video? One of the messages the song has is to not give up.  Princess Poppy is trying to stay positive even when dangerous creatures attack and things aren’t going so well. We can learn from her example that even when things aren’t going well or not the way we want them to be, we should stay positive and get back up again. Don’t give up. When toddlers fall down when they are learning to walk, they get back up, they keep trying. Jesus Christ made a way for us to get back up again. Christ’s Atonement helps us to get back up. When we make mistakes we shouldn’t give up. We should get back up again by repenting and then trying to do better.  When are times you have got back up again?


How Firm A Foundation!

This is a very popular hymn and has a good message. One of my favorite verses in it is Verse 5:

When through fiery trials thy pathway shall lie, My grace, all sufficient, shall be thy supply. The flame shall not hurt thee; I only design Thy dross to consume, thy dross to consume, Thy dross to consume and thy gold to refine.

Gold is usually found in little flecks spread throughout plain stone. The gold must be purified, or refined, before it can be used in jewelry or other things. To do this, it must be heated to a very high temperature in what is called the “refiner’s fire”. When it gets hot enough, the impurities (also called “dross”) separate from the gold and you are left with beautiful, perfect gold!

Sometimes in life the Lord sends us through a refiner’s fire. This is a time when life gets really hard, and we wonder how we can make it through all the painful, stressful, and sad things that happen at this point. We might even ask the Lord, “Why are you doing this to me? I am afraid I will lose my testimony, even though I’m trying my best!” But the Lord knows how much heat you need to melt all the dross out of you, and He knows how much heat will be too much. He will not let you lose your testimony if you are trying your best to keep it.

When you have come through your refiner’s fire, you will be beautiful, perfect, shiny gold without any dross or imperfections left in you. The Lord loves you! He can see the gold in you, and He knows how to make it perfect!

Here is a video that has to do with the same topic (but with a different analogy):