Being Christlike is Beautiful!

Most girls our age think about boys in one way or another. A lot of girls try to show off for boys, dress immodestly, etc. Other girls like boys, but don’t make a big deal about it. Some girls don’t worry about boys at all. I believe it doesn’t matter at this point whether you like boys or not. As long as you are always being kind and remember who you are, it doesn’t make a big difference.

I just found this awesome video I’d like to share with you! In it, boys (from our LDS church) are interviewed about what they like in girls. it isn’t what you might expect! What is important to them are things like being kind and caring, willing to share her testimony, dressing modestly, etc. Many girls think it’s all about being the prettiest or the smartest, but these boys don’t believe that. They care about a girl who knows that she is as a daughter of God, and finds confidence in that – not what the world tells her. This video taught me a lot, and the advice from these boys is going to help me be more confident in being myself. If you’d like to watch it, here it is:



Happy Grandparents Day! (9/10/17) 

Did you know today is grandparents day? The funny thing is that I had my grandma and grandpa come over today and we realized that today is a holiday! I encourage you to take extra time to either send them a sweet letter or give them a big hug and tell them how much you’re grateful for them. Because you’ll never know how much longer they’ll be here on Earth. It’s best to spend those precious moments with them and to be present. Our grandparents raised our parents! If it weren’t for them we wouldn’t be here. 

A couple of years ago my grandfather almost died from a terrible sickness…I am so grateful that he is still alive. 

Let’s express our gratitude! 

Don’t Overthink!

Sometimes we can over overthink things. In the past few weeks, I have been getting bad stress headaches, because of worrying too much.  This makes some things hard for me right now and is causing some lack of sleep. You shouldn’t let anything control your life, fears and worries included. Something that has helped me is listening to primary music and hymns. The soft music helps me take my mind off whatever is troubling me, and focus on more important things.  Overthinking is something that causes stess, and feelings of anxiety or fear. God didn’t want us to worry, He wants us to have joy! Some ways to stop worrying, and overthinking are:

1.    GET ACTIVE – Go outside, run around. Do something! This helps get your mind off whatever is troubling you. If you can’t think of something, then have a list. In my family, my mom has a list of outdoor activites we can do, so whenever we can’t think of something, we go to the list. It has some pretty creative and funny stuff. You can make up your own. I think three favorites of mine that are on the list are:

    A. Make flower arrangemeants for the dinning table, & breakfast nook.

    B. Play hide-n-seek or tag.

    C. Draw with chalk.

    2. Draw – Coloring is very comforting, and peaceful. It can help take your mind off whatever is troubling you. 

    3. Make a meal – Cooking is a good way to remain focused on one thing and not worrying about another. You can make a meal, bake some awesome dessert, and\or make a frozen treat! 

     “Don’t worry, be happy!” 

    -Madie Grace


    Activities to do on the Sabbath Day. 

    So of course we know that the Sabbath day is a day of rest, but it also involves spiritual renewal and worship – like the quote says on the left. 

    What are some ways we can spiritually renew ourselves?

    I have found a free PDF printable that is a Sabbath day bucket list. Click here to view the PDF for you to print. Here is an image below of what it looks like:

    There are so many cute and fun idea’s! By doing these things it can help your day feel more fulfilled. Let me know in the comments which one you did today from the bucket list. 


    Back to school (fall 2017)

    Have you started school yet? Mine started this past week. I am officially now in high school! 

    I decided to talk about ways to improve on our school (and in real life). 

    1. Don’t procrastinate 
    2. Set goals for yourself 
    3. Take notes 
    4. Work hard 

    Another thing that is helpful is before taking a quiz, say a prayer to God. It definitely helps me to focus. 

    Click here if you would like to see some back to school ideas. 

    Let me know in the comments what’s your favorite part about school so far? 


    Take a stand for what YOU believe in…Don’t just believe what you hear. 

    I found this quote the other day & I found it to be very true.

    There are so many messages around the world, & we can sometimes get confused. Doing research with today’s technology and praying to God/reading the scriptures are great things to get some answers

    There is a song that came out a few years ago and this was the first verse:

    “I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath Scared to rock the boat and make a mess, so I sat quietly, agreed politelyI guess that I forgot I had a choiceI let you push me past the breaking point. I stood for nothing, so I fell for everything”

    If you know what song this is from comment below!

    Now being a voice doesn’t mean to put down others and make your opinion the only one that matters. It just means to not be silent when you know that something is wrong.

    Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell if someone is lying (we don’t have Pinocchio 🤥 noses). So we have to be careful who we’re listening to & making sure that we actually agree with what they’re saying.

    You know about bullying in schools? Well if you think about it, bullying could eventually stop if kids stood up to them. The fear is what motivates the bully to do more. You only have to stand up to the bully once…

    Share any examples that you have done to stand up for yourself or someone else in the comments!

    Let’s spread the love of God & be great examples to others!


    Forgiveness can get confused – here is an explanation 

    I feel like that we sometimes forget that forgiveness doesn’t make their actions good, you’re just simply letting it go from your own self. It’s some deep stuff but it’s true. If we hold on to something in our hearts for a long time, eventually we will do more damage to ourselves than the person who hurt us. That’s why God talks about forgiving so much in the scriptures. Same thing about love. We can still love everyone in the world, but that doesn’t mean we have to agree with them. 

    Forgiveness & love are for our own peace. It doesn’t excuse/making you agree with the other person.  I hope this makes sense 😉 
    I’ve been learning this over the years with all of the challenges my family has faced, and I’ve learned a lot about forgiveness & love. 

    Forgiving someone can be something really little like when you were younger & your sibling argued with you, or it can be much much bigger. When it’s something that is that big, it’s really important to forgive quicker, because like the quote says, it can destroy your heart. 

    I hope we will never forget this as we grow into adults & when life hits us with challenges I pray that we will be ready & will be quick to forgive.


    CTR – It’s meaning 

    In one of our Family Scripture Study Times we were talking about we need to choose the right in order to receive the blessings God has in store for us. When we choose the wrong (CTW) we need to repent. One of my brothers pointed out that CTR could stand for Choose to Repent. I thought that was really cool and wanted to share that with you all. When we CTW we should always CTR (Choose to Repent and Choose the Right again).


    Something to think about – difficulties = better you 

    Wow, when I saw this quote I thought immediately I had to share this on Marigold Girls. Isn’t such a powerful quote?  If you feel like God isn’t answering or has left you behind, just remember that He is there, and He is only doing this to make you stronger. I’ve learned that the only way for something really good to happen, is that a struggle has to come before hand. 

    Every successful person in the world who has left a mark on this Earth, has been bullied, lost everything, etc. Even in the scriptures every righteous person who was good, went through the hardest stuff. 

    Now, why does God do this? Well remember that we came to this Earth to be tested? In order for that to happen, we have to be put into trials. God has big plans for us. Each one of us has the ability to become just like these successful people who are entrepreneurs & changing the world. When we conquer a test, He sends the next one. That’s why it’s so important to build your foundation of faith in the Lord. The stronger it is, the more stable you will be when the whirling winds come. It helps if you build that foundation when you’re younger because when we grow into adults, more fears come in & the Adversary starts to get worse. 

    I hope this message has inspired you. I had a urge to share this on Marigold Girls & I’m sure it was for some reason…