The Primary Program – the lesson I learned from it.

Growing up, I didn’t like the Primary Program. I was a usually shy and a reserved person. I had three siblings at that time in Primary, and we always tried to look out for each other. My younger sister Josie was terrified of people, so our awesome Primary teachers, let her sit before class started. This helped her be less afriad. Other older girls in our Branch, also helped her conquer her fear. I am so grateful for all that they did. Every Primary Program, Josie would sit near me, so she would not be afriad. Then, I would walk up with her, and whisper what she had to say in her ear. Sadly, she never quite got the courage to say her part. I don’t honestly blame her, one of my fears is public speaking too. I would later get up and say my own part. I remember dreading the Primary Program, and barely singing. As I got older, and my time to leave primary nearer, I said to myself, “I will never miss Primary Program” – But I do. For those of you that are still in primary, remember that no matter how much you don’t like something, (Such a singing, or giving a talk…Or the PRIMARY PROGRAM) Remember that you are going to  most likely miss it, so take advantage of your time in Primary, and learn all you can.

-Madie Grace


True Friends

Last night we had a fun YW activity to learn to make friendship bracelets. While we made the bracelets, we all shared stories of true friendship in our lives. Some were sweet or serious, and some were silly, but they all showed examples of the true friends we all had in our lives.

My story sounds a little silly, but it means a lot to me. Last year at girls camp, I was changing in the bathroom and had put my clothes, as well as my lanyard with my schedule, on a shelf above the toilet. I pulled a piece of clothing off the shelf, and suddenly my lanyard slid over the edge – and into the toilet!!!! Ew! I am a bit of a germaphobe, and there was NO WAY I was getting that lanyard out of the toilet; but what was I to do?  I couldn’t just leave it there! I opened the bathroom door, not sure what my plan was, but realizing I had to do something. Anyway, when I opened the door, a girl from my ward was standing there and saw the panicky look on my face.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

I blushed and sheepishly told her what happened. What she did next surprised me: she shrugged like it was no big deal, walked past me into the bathroom, and picked the lanyard out of the toilet without a second thought. Then she put it in the shower and smiled at me and went back out.

I couldn’t believe it! This girl had just pulled my lanyard out of the toilet!!! Even when I wasn’t willing to do it myself! She didn’t care about the consequences or the bad effect for her – she just served me. I love her for that and she is such a true friend to me! I’m so grateful to Heavenly Father for good friends who set awesome examples and surround me with good influences.

Do you have a story of true friendship? Share it in the comments! 

The Power of Prayer

Ever since I was little, I have been scared of storms. Now that I am older, I am no longer afraid, but still a little uncomfortable.  Recently, a big storm\Tornado hit Rockwood, less than ten minutes from where me and my family were at. Huddled inside my Grandmother’s house as a storm raged outside, I was terrified. Our camper, which we took to her house, was parked down the hill, and around the corner. My mom, as soon as it started raining, and the power clicked off, ran down to the camper, where my two youngest were sleeping. The power was off, my two little sisters needed comforting, and honestly, so did I. I said a silent prayer and set to work on my duty as an older sister. I comforted them, the best I knew how still having doubts myself. A few minutes after my prayer, in which I had prayed for the safety of my mom who had run out when it started pouring and lightning, we received a text. My brother, who had his phone, read the text aloud telling of the safety of the three missing members of our family. I felt the overwhelming sense of peace, that everything was going to be ok. A while later, we ran through the rain and reached our small camper so we might go to bed. As our family was reunited again, I thanked Heavenly Father for keeping us safe.

The next morning, when we decided it was time for us to go, we packed up and headed towards Downtown Rockwood. Once we left the safety of my grandmother’s driveway, the damage begun. Trees were down power lines over the road, trees balanced over powerlines which dangled over the roads and the worst was the town itself. The tornado had hit there, and the little town was a mess. Windows and roofs were torn off or broken, trees over houses, trains stopped in the tracks, and we all observed this as we went slowly through the broken town. I was again thankful, that the Lord had protected us, while the storm raged.

This story relates to real life. Heavenly Father protects us from modern day storms, such as the challenges that we may face, and other things that many of the youth of today have.

Prayer is a very important tool. This years theme “Ask Of God” for sure teaches how important prayer is. At camp, they talked a lot about prayer. It truly is such a blessing that we can connect to our God thru prayer…

-Madie Grace 


Raindrops on Windows

While driving back home, I noticed something wonderful and inspiring happening right before me. We had driven into a small rain shower in the mountains, about an hour from my house, and as always, I watched the drops roll on my window. This time however I noticed something different.

The raindrops on the window, made me focus on them, not the blue sky with fluffy clouds. This made me realize something. Our trials, and challenges are like the rain, we focus on them, we can’t seem to find the sun, or look at the beauty right behind them. No matter how large, or how small your challenge might be, it can still hide your view. We should try to focus on the pretty blue sky, not the rain. 

-Madie Grace

Unity: The True Meaning

Unity- The state of being united into one, or a whole of something.

Unity means all united. All together. Every challenge and trial take together.

“21 That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.” (John 17:21)

When I think of Unity, one thing that pops into my mind is the Three musketeers. When I was younger, having two little sisters, we loved watching the Barbie versions of things. One of our favorite movies was the Barbie Musketeers. I loved how they worked together. They didn’t always get along, but in the end, with the help of teamwork, they were able to save\do their job. I remember being so interested in their chant, which they often said many times during the movie.  “All for one, and one for all!” In other words, that means that whatever one went through, they all went through, and helped. This last year in Literature, I heard my classmates talking about a book, they all had different views, but one that struck me the most was a boy who said,  “It’s just a book, not like it’s real or anything.” This wasn’t the most positive thing, but it made me feel sort of sad for the boy. He was so caught up with his life, he wasn’t really stopping and notice things. He had read the book for school, finding no enjoyment, in the wonderful meaning of the book.  Later in the week, while I was at church, I thought, “why not change it just a bit?”

“All for Christ, and Christ for all!”

I thought, well, that means all the actions we do are for Christ, to help spread Him and His word.

That is an example of unity. Another thing I think of is a Temple, because when I think of unity, I think of the color white, and Temple sealings. When you are sealed together as a family, or as a couple, you are united forever. Just like the saying I loved as a kid, “Family is Forever. Forever Constant, Forever Near, and Forever Dear.” It means family will be together forever, no matter what. That is another way of unity.

-Madie Grace 

When things occur people ask us “why?” – We must be prepared for those questions 

At my co-op, one of classmates in IEW, asked me why I didn’t drink coffee. Now, I have been teased at my co-op because of me saying that I do not drink coffee. The teacher, had stopped her work and was listening along. I thought this was a perfect example to be a missionary. I just said, “Well, I don’t drink coffee because my church does not believe that we should. They have given us guide lines that state we should not.” She asked, ” Why?”

I was stumped. All my life I have been raised in the church, I really never questioned why we were told to do these things.  I had to truthfully admit that I didn’t know. In our lives, the guide lines that the church has given us are suppose to help us live righteously. I am saying that we should try to be prepared to answer the questions that life\school\ and really anyone\anywhere will ask us. When I do my HW, I love to be prepared. I will often restudy the lesson, or my notes, in order to understand my subject better. Not just for the sake of the number on my report card, but to LEARN.

We all should prepare to answer questions and willingly share what we believe. It can be hard, sometimes all you want to do is fit in. Going with the crowd, and keeping your head down is not living life, that is being someone’s shadow, you are made to be only YOU. Sometimes we need to step out of the crowd and be willing to answer whatever questions come our way…

-Madie Grace 

A Lesson from Hiking

This spring break, my family and I packed up some clothes, and hit the road for Asheville. We would be hiking, and doing all activities for the week. Other than hiking, some of these included going to Biltmore, ( America’s biggest home) and for my older brother, golfing and fishing. After a tiring day, in which we went to several different camp sites, because we had trouble with the one we had reserved, we found a place to stay. The next morning we all got ready for the hike ahead of us, on a trail that many mountain bikers used. We drove for five minutes until we reached the parking lot near the trail head. The map seemed to be laid out so simply, every trail color coded and marked. In the woods, however, things were not as simple as they had looked like on the map. After walking maybe a mile on the rocky trail, we all began to complain how we should turn back. We had gone far enough, and seen all there was to see, we voiced. Our parents however, led us on. Many times on the trail, we complained to our guide, and father. Many times he would tell us to push forward, to go a bit further. Whenever we would reach a crossroad, where different paths dispersed into the woods, he would confidently lead us down one. Not all the time, listening to what trail we thought was right. Some crossroads showed flat trails, which we said, would be easier, and not as tiresome. At last, once we had reached almost another mile, we came to more crossroads. Three paths led different ways. We were on our path, and two others twisted away into the woods. Again, we voiced our opinions, saying we should turn around. After all, we said, we knew the way back, and which trails to take on the familiar road. Our guide, and father however led us down a different path when we had no proof other than his word, that it would lead us back to the parking lot. We followed him, not going back the way we had came.  We walked forward on the trail, with our doubts and uncertainties. People passed on the trail, but we did not ask for guidance. We were following the trail that our guide had said to go. With our doubts, uncertain and troubled minds, we walked. At some point on the trail, we stopped and asked a person if we were on the right trail. He answered us, proving our guide was right, that this was the right trail. 

In life we all have our uncertainties, and questions at least once in our lives. If we are on the right trail, our guide (the Holy Spirit), and our Heavenly Father is always watching over us, and always knows which way to go. Even if we don’t see it at that time, we have to learn to trust God. Our vison can sometimes get clouded with Satan’s lies…

 I hope this experience inspires you as much as it did for me.

– Madie Grace


Don’t Let Anything Hold YOU Back

While in Asheville for spring break, my family and I decided to take a three-mile loop hike in the Blue Ridge Parkway. While on the trail we passed a man in a wheelchair. He has a disability, yet he wasn’t letting that hold him back from what he wanted to do. I think that is a great example, of how fickle our challenges seem in our modern day society trying to fit in, or being our true selves. We are often held back by our own doubts, fears, and the lies that Satan gives us through the words of other people. When I think of us being held back by those things, and the man in the wheelchair pushing on the wheels for the whole, rocky, uphill, sandy, three-mile loop, it makes me ashamed. Some people have many more challenges than I could ever imagine, and yet we let simple, fickle things like doubts, hold us back from being our fullest potential, the girl God wants us to be. 🙂

-Madie Grace

Get Back Up Again (Trolls movie) what can we learn from it? 

From the movie Trolls by DreamWorks, which came out last year (2016), there is a song from it called, “Get Back Up Again”. The girl troll in the music video is named Princess Poppy. Trolls are happy little creature who sing, hug, and party. Princess Poppy’s friends are captured by a bergen who is going to give them to the bergen king to eat. The Bergens think that if they eat a troll it will make them happy. In the music video Princess Poppy is journeying to the Bergens’ land to save her friends. Watch the video and think about how it can apply to you.

What a fun music video! “Get Back Up Again” is one of my favorite songs. Did you find anything that could apply to you in the video? One of the messages the song has is to not give up.  Princess Poppy is trying to stay positive even when dangerous creatures attack and things aren’t going so well. We can learn from her example that even when things aren’t going well or not the way we want them to be, we should stay positive and get back up again. Don’t give up. When toddlers fall down when they are learning to walk, they get back up, they keep trying. Jesus Christ made a way for us to get back up again. Christ’s Atonement helps us to get back up. When we make mistakes we shouldn’t give up. We should get back up again by repenting and then trying to do better.  When are times you have got back up again?