Seminary can change lives

This video brought tears to my eyes, I really loved the message shared in this video.

Seminary is so amazing, and I am very grateful I am able to do seminary online, since my family travels often. Seminary has taught me so many things in the gospel, and has strengthened my testimony. I love my teachers Brother and Sister Shurtz, and I always look forward to doing seminary every day. If you’re not attending seminary on a regular basis, please reconsider what is most important in life. Sometimes it is a struggle to manage tons of school work while staying on pace with seminary, but trust me, it is SO worth it.



True Friends

Last night we had a fun YW activity to learn to make friendship bracelets. While we made the bracelets, we all shared stories of true friendship in our lives. Some were sweet or serious, and some were silly, but they all showed examples of the true friends we all had in our lives.

My story sounds a little silly, but it means a lot to me. Last year at girls camp, I was changing in the bathroom and had put my clothes, as well as my lanyard with my schedule, on a shelf above the toilet. I pulled a piece of clothing off the shelf, and suddenly my lanyard slid over the edge – and into the toilet!!!! Ew! I am a bit of a germaphobe, and there was NO WAY I was getting that lanyard out of the toilet; but what was I to do?  I couldn’t just leave it there! I opened the bathroom door, not sure what my plan was, but realizing I had to do something. Anyway, when I opened the door, a girl from my ward was standing there and saw the panicky look on my face.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

I blushed and sheepishly told her what happened. What she did next surprised me: she shrugged like it was no big deal, walked past me into the bathroom, and picked the lanyard out of the toilet without a second thought. Then she put it in the shower and smiled at me and went back out.

I couldn’t believe it! This girl had just pulled my lanyard out of the toilet!!! Even when I wasn’t willing to do it myself! She didn’t care about the consequences or the bad effect for her – she just served me. I love her for that and she is such a true friend to me! I’m so grateful to Heavenly Father for good friends who set awesome examples and surround me with good influences.

Do you have a story of true friendship? Share it in the comments! 

Get Back Up Again (Trolls movie) what can we learn from it? 

From the movie Trolls by DreamWorks, which came out last year (2016), there is a song from it called, “Get Back Up Again”. The girl troll in the music video is named Princess Poppy. Trolls are happy little creature who sing, hug, and party. Princess Poppy’s friends are captured by a bergen who is going to give them to the bergen king to eat. The Bergens think that if they eat a troll it will make them happy. In the music video Princess Poppy is journeying to the Bergens’ land to save her friends. Watch the video and think about how it can apply to you.

What a fun music video! “Get Back Up Again” is one of my favorite songs. Did you find anything that could apply to you in the video? One of the messages the song has is to not give up.  Princess Poppy is trying to stay positive even when dangerous creatures attack and things aren’t going so well. We can learn from her example that even when things aren’t going well or not the way we want them to be, we should stay positive and get back up again. Don’t give up. When toddlers fall down when they are learning to walk, they get back up, they keep trying. Jesus Christ made a way for us to get back up again. Christ’s Atonement helps us to get back up. When we make mistakes we shouldn’t give up. We should get back up again by repenting and then trying to do better.  When are times you have got back up again?


Appreciate every second of your life…

I just had a sweet baby duck die…It was devastating. After I burried him I realized how fast it happened. Just the day before he was jumpy and chirpy. Then he died the next morning when I woke up…

I thought to myself that we don’t know when we will die, only God knows. We need to appreciate every second of our lives so that when it does happen we know we lived a good life. The duck’s sister (Daisy) is still alive though & she is sad that this happened. I told Daisy that he is still with you, and that one day you will be able to see him again when you go to Heaven. He is just in another dimension of this world that we cannot see…

Time is precious.

  We need to live in each moment.

    Every day is a blessing from God…



The Lesson of a Grapevine

Recently, I was working for a lady in my ward by cutting all these dead branches from a grapevine in front of her house…

It was a very long vine, about 25 feet long and there were a lot of dead branches to clear! With a sunny bright smile on my face, my favorite Disney tunes and my trusty side kick-Scissors, I went off to work!

As I jammed out while cutting these vines I couldn’t but help make a spiritual connection to what I was doing. Here I was cutting down all these dead vines so that newer ones could grow, even stronger and healthier than the last, producing even more fruit! Although after all of the trimming was done, the vine looked so thin and bare I couldn’t help but feel sorry for it. I could almost hear it say to me, “Why would you do this to me? I was fine…You didn’t need to change me!”

Yes, I talk to trees…I gave that little grape vine a good old AJ(Aunt Jocelyn) lesson. With my hands on my hips I said to the little grapevine, “You are not fine! You are over working and drying yourself out trying to support all these dead branches!” To which the grapevine (in my head) replied  “now all of the branches are dead! Some of them were still growing! You didn’t have to cut them all down!”

I said, “How else are you supposed to grow stronger? Produce even more fruit?

I realized with a start, that to a degree, I was speaking the words that Heavenly Father was wanting me to know. He knew that I have been going through this emotional time that has left my life in a mess…(Talk about a roller coaster ride) I remember telling Heavenly Father something very similar to like this grapevine told me “I can’t do this anymore! Why are you hurting me?! Why are you trying to change me?”

To which I can now here my Father’s voice in my own as He replied, “Sometimes we have to do the things that can put us out of our comfort zone, in order to grow and become better version of ourselves.”

That my dear friend is the lesson of the grapevine…


Don’t contribute in an argument…

As long as I can remember, me and my older sister fight quite often…It takes two to fight though so lately, I have been trying really hard to not let my pride get in the way of doing the right thing, because after we fight, sometimes we regret things we’ve said. Usually it’s just silly stuff that wouldn’t matter years from now. Sometimes it helps to think about that. Because in the end, our sister relationship matters the most…If you are having arguments with your loved ones, I encourage you to really try to not argue. From my experience, it’s not worth it.


Will you be like the one, or the other nine? – The story of the 10 lepers…

Almost everybody knows the story of the ten lepers…Although if you don’t recall, I have a video for you here.

This Chistmas season we should try to be like the one, who came back and was grateful. We should thank the Lord, Jesus Christ for all that we have and ask for guidance… I really like this story because I’m sure the other lepers were grateful in their hearts, but they didn’t do action with that feeling…Saying thank you & please to others makes a huge difference to the person you’re talking to.

Will you be like the one, or the other nine?


Life in Haiti is much different…

Here is a great video that shows some areas in Haiti.

I loved this video cause recently my mom talked to me about all of these people who don’t live in America and live in these hot climates with all of these bugs and a lot other things as well. It has changed my perspective on life. It makes me feel so grateful, and I’m sure after you saw this video that you feel that way too.

I thought it was amazing that the LDS church helped that man and his vision of hope. I was so inspired…If you ever get a chance to serve, then do it. It’s an amazing feeling.