Don’t judge others, because we all have our own things to focus on.

In my seminary class, we’ve been talking about how we shouldn’t judge others and not to gossip about someone else. Its good to make good judgement on your decisions, but not judging someone else’s looks, choices, etc. – That is God’s job to judge, not us.

We watched this video, and it really clears up exactly what happens when we’re judging someone.


Wow, isn’t that video so amazing? She was judging her neighbor for not being clean, but it was her own windows that weren’t clean that made everything look dirty outside! That’s exactly what happens to us when we’re judging someone…Let’s clean our own windows, focus on ourselves, instead of critiquing others.



New 100 days of Bible promise devotional!

Hey everyone! If you’re following our instagram then you might already know that we’re having a live video on Instagram @2pm est time zone 03/09

In the live video I’ll be showing you the new devotional by Illustrated Faith

Since it’ll be live, I can answer any questions!

See ya there!

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