Christ should be the anchor…

Love this quote by Richard L. Bushman ❤️🙂



Happy Labor Day! (2018) – 1 thessalonians 1:3

“Remembering without ceasing your work of faith, and labour of love, and patience of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ, in the sight of God and our Father”

-1 thessalonians 1:3

What a beautiful scripture that works well with today’s event – Labor Day.

Have a great time today, while still thanking God for this country, and thanking all those hard workers/soliders that have made what we now know as America.


Back to School Tips

Today is my first day of 10th grade! I cannot believe how fast summer went by, don’t you agree? For this post, I decided to write down a list of things that will help with not only your grades, but the quality of your work.


  • Have a good attitude

——–With school we can easily become negative by thinking how awful it is, and how math is horrible, etc. but we must learn to have a positive outlook on it. Instead of thinking math is the worst subject, pretend it is your favorite, even when people ask you which subject you prefer, say it is math. Surprisingly, this tactic has worked for me, so now I don’t think math is that bad – I literally tricked myself!

  • Wake up earlier

——–I talked about this subject in my post titled Self-Improvement Tips so if you’d like more info then go ahead and read that post if you haven’t already.

I have seminary and school that I both do online, so it can be easy to just sleep in every day, but is it easy in the long run? NO! I defiantly have learned from that mistake.  Now my goal is to wake up either before the sunrise or during the sunrise to do seminary first and then school work, so that I have the rest of the day for everything that I’d like to do!

  • Take notes – ALOT

——-One thing that has always helped me, is to take lots of notes.  Note-taking can be really easy/fun if it is organized, and functional.  I personally use my iPad and Apple Pencil, but you can use a regular notebook with pencils, sticky notes, etc.

  • Study in chunks

———This is something else that also helped me when studying. If I tried to study it all in one session, I quickly became bored/tired and was no longer grasping the information, just simply reading.  To avoid this situation, its good to set a time limit on your studying, then when the time is up, get out of your current environment by either going outside, or eating your favorite snack.  However, its a good thing to have a timer on this as well, so that you don’t spend too much time relaxing and getting nothing done.  Probably a 10-15 minute break is good, with an hour of studying.

  • Keep each subject/course you’re taking organized

———Like I said earlier, I do my school online, so on my computer I have a separate folder for each subject so that all of my files that I submit are organized. One time I had to access an old file and it was super easy because I went to that course folder.  Another thing that is helpful is naming your files so that you know exactly what it is without having to open it up.  I name mine by the unit, section, course, and date.  I also back up all of my files to dropbox so that if I ever somehow lost them on my computer, I could access them.  If you go to a building whether it is a charter school or a public school, then its good to do the same thing but physically!  Make separate folders in your binder for each subject/course and then write the dates on every homework/note page and sort them alphabetically or by date.  I promise you this will help you SO MUCH!

  • Ask your teacher a question if you’re unsure

——–Like that saying, “Better to be safe than sorry” it is important to ask your teacher a question you may have about your assignment, so that you don’t get a bad grade on it simply because you just didn’t understand what it was asking of you.  A good teacher only wants the best for you, and is there to help you succeed, so if you have a wonderful teacher like that, then ask lots of questions!  Don’t be ashamed/embarrassed that you didn’t know the answer, because asking a question actually shows how you are being a good student by clarifying your questions, so that you can submit the best quality work possible.

  • Don’t wait last minute to cram in all of your studying before you take a test

——-Ok, I’ll admit, I have done this before, but it wasn’t productive I can tell you that.   If you know you have a quiz/exam coming up, then write it down on your calendar/planner, write sticky notes on your desk, and/or set reminders on your phone! Set aside time to study for the quiz/exam each day, so that by the time it comes up, you feel prepared, and confident.

  • Stick with your syllabus/pacing guide

——-Teachers give you either a syllabus or pacing guide to help you to know where you should be on that current day/week, and shows you any quizzes/exams coming up…Use this information!  Don’t just throw it out, or stuff it in a drawer, keep this posted/placed on your desk, or scan it so that you can have it on your device, so that you always know if you’re on pace, and if not, to get caught up before it becomes too late.

  • Pray to God

——–If you ever feel frustrated about an assignment or overwhelmed, then just pray to God, and He will help you, and comfort you, in His way that may not be expected.

  • Stock yourself with school supplies

——–Lastly, get school supplies so that you can use as many tools as possible to guide you in your studying. Click here to see a pdf that I have made as a school supply checklist.


Whew, what a long post! I hope this will help you in everything you do in school this year, and let me know in the comments what you have done to help yourself in school!


{Book Club} FerVent

Recently, I read a book called FerVent that is written by Priscilla Shirer. I rented the book from my library because I heard tons of people enjoyed it. It is quite moving – she shares personal experiences, and also prayer tips. I found an audio book version of it as well, which is great, but this is a type of book where you are going to want to highlight, write notes, etc. Although I ended up having a copy of the book, while having the audio book played, which was great to hear her voice read it while I was taking notes. This book has inspired me to create a prayer binder, which I will soon have a video on that, once it is a little more setup. It also gave me more ideas to pray for, because there have been times where my prayer sounded like a “shopping list”, so doing the prayer binder, and reading books like this, has definitely helped me.

Click here If you would like to buy the book (this is an affiliate link, so it supports the blog) 🙂

Fervent is a hands-on, knees-down, don’t-give-up action guide to practical, purposeful praying.”


Self-Improvement Tips

Something that I have been pondering about lately is, “What are some areas I want to improve upon?”, especially since school/seminary is approaching in a couple of weeks, I want to feel prepared, and organized.

For example, I want to be more consistent in washing my face, say more prayers, and something I’ve fiercely been dreaming of is to go to bed earlier/waking up earlier. A problem for me is I’m a night owl, but at the same time I love the feeling of being up when the sky is awake, but yet, I always have a hard time getting out of bed when my alarm goes off. Trust me I’ve done things like putting my phone across the room where I’d have to get up, and the times I do get up, I easily fall back into my old ways a couple of days later. Whether you’re like me, or have a different problem, it can feel discouraging. I know that if I improve in this area, everything will progress; I’d have more time for school work, won’t feel so tired when I wake up for seminary, would have more time for this blog/YouTube channel, and I would have time to do things I love doing. I noticed from this past freshman year in high school I felt so drained, because all I was doing was school work, because of the fact that I would get a late start in the day. This time, as a sophomore, I don’t want to have that dreadful feeling, I want to feel ahead, prepared, and accomplished. I have been pinning ideas on Pinterest for self-improvement and one of the things I found was from a blog called Creative My Mornings and the author made a list of 13 things to help with self-improvement. I will list them here:

  1. Drink more water
  2. Express Gratitude
  3. Wake up with the sun
  4. Forgive
  5. Declutter
  6. Know when to speak up and when to stay quiet
  7. Journal
  8. Eliminate negative energies
  9. Pay attention to what is around you
  10. Unplug from social media
  11. Embrace change
  12. laugh more often
  13. Go for it

Another thing that I know will help, is a morning and nightly routine. Write down a list of things you want to do before you go to bed (like picking out your outfit for the next day, writing in your journal, cleanse face, etc.) and a list of things for morning routine (taking shower, reading scriptures, saying positive affirmations to yourself in the mirror, etc.) This is something I’m going to try, so I thought I would share it with all of you as well.

Still need more ideas? Then here is a list:

  • Prioritize
  • Make time for mental health
  • Get a planner
  • Daily 10-min de-clutter
  • No social media 1 hour before/after bed
  • Clear your workspace when finished
  • Spend more time in nature
  • Read motivating material
  • Meditate/pray/scripture time
  • Do your least favorite tasks first
  • Watch less TV
  • Say no more often
  • Eliminate toxic people from your life
  • Take a timeout
  • Make home your sanctuary
  • Pick a hobby
  • Value your time and others
  • Be willing to ask for help (because remember God is by your side, and so are your closest loved ones)
  • ————————————————————————————————————–As a challenge I have for all of us, find something in your life you would like to improve upon, and make a goal to accomplish just that. Please feel free to share in the comments what you have chosen to work on, but of course it’s ok if you don’t want to share. 🙂

    Ohuhu dual tip markers review/unboxing

    Hey Marigold Girls! Today I have a review on some markers that I found on Amazon. The reason why I decided to get them is because they are $19.99 for 60 markers which is a pretty good deal. So without further ado, here is the video!


    If you’d like to purchase this item, please Click here as Marigold Girls gets a small commission 🙂

    I hope you enjoyed the video, and let me know in the comments if there is any other neat art supply that you’d like to see me review.


    2nd year anniversary!!!

    Oh my goodness! Today (well technically July the 27th which was yesterday) is Marigold Girls 2nd year anniversary!

    I just want to give a big thank you to the Marigold Girls Team because without the amazing support and inspirational posts they give, this blog wouldn’t be the same. I also want to thank all of you who have been reading our posts, and have shared it with others.

    Looking forward to blogging on Marigold Girls for many years to come!

    Please feel free to comment below what you think would be a nice addition to Marigold Girls, and what has been your favorite part so far. 🙂