Invitations from President Nelson

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Just a couple of Sundays ago a worldwide  devotional for youth with President and Sister Nelson took place. It was super inspiring and really struck me! If you haven’t seen it yet, consider taking the time to do so (Link Here).

President Nelson invited us to do 5 different specific things to “enlist in the youth battalion of the Lord”.

  1. Hold a seven-day fast from social media.
  2. For three weeks, make a weekly sacrifice of time to the Lord.
  3. Keep on the covenant path. If you have wandered off, immediately get on the road of repentance.
  4. Pray daily for all to receive blessings of the gospel.
  5. Stand out. Be a light. Set the standard. Give away one copy of For the Strength of Youth.

Recently, I’ve been doing number 1, the seven-day social media fast, and I have seen in myself that I have been more focused and I have gotten things done that I wouldn’t of gotten done (for a while) if I had been on social media. has some really good articles about the devotional and will be posting about each of the challenges for the next several weeks so make sure to check those out regularly for more incites!

I’m thankful for revelation and inspired invitations from God through prophets to help us in our day so we can become better selves and help out in building the kingdom of God. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of this great work and to enlist in the Youth Battalion. I invite you all to consider/make a plan of what you want to do to follow the invitations from President Nelson.



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