First day of fall! 

Don’t you just love the smell of Autumn air? I look forward to it every year. One of my favorite parts of this season is to wear all of my fall fashions…Especially boots! Who does not like to wear them? They are so fun!

I think this season represents getting renewed, and having a second chance. The leaves fall down from the tree, and after winter comes, spring arises! Then the trees will bring new leaves and blossoms! It’s such a wonderful thing isn’t it? 

What’s your favorite part about fall? Put it in the comments below! 



4 thoughts on “First day of fall! 

  1. Fall is ultimately my favorite season. It is so much cooler, and you get to wear baggy sweaters and comfy footies………..PLUS DON’T FORGET THE HOLIDAYS!!! I mean, Thanksgiving the day where I eat all my favorite foods and Halloween where I get to get some of my favorite junk food……I mean, C’mon, what’s not to love!? Don’t forget hot cocoa, pumpkins, apples, and TONS OF OTHER STUFF. Since apples are my favorite fruit, and pumpkin pie is one of my favorite pies, I sorta have to love autumn. A favorite fall tradition of mine, (Which I feel like I mentioned in a post last year) Is making leaf mazes!! Anywho, you wait until your yard, or driveway is covered in at least an inch of leaves. Then you rake out path-ways, and use those to ride on scooters, and play fun games.
    ~Madie Grace


  2. I love fall! It gives me an opportunity to step outside (after our unbearably hot and humid summers here!) and really take in God’s creations. What a better way to feel God’s love than to know that He made this amazing season for us!!!

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