Don’t Overthink!

Sometimes we can over overthink things. In the past few weeks, I have been getting bad stress headaches, because of worrying too much.  This makes some things hard for me right now and is causing some lack of sleep. You shouldn’t let anything control your life, fears and worries included. Something that has helped me is listening to primary music and hymns. The soft music helps me take my mind off whatever is troubling me, and focus on more important things.  Overthinking is something that causes stess, and feelings of anxiety or fear. God didn’t want us to worry, He wants us to have joy! Some ways to stop worrying, and overthinking are:

1.    GET ACTIVE – Go outside, run around. Do something! This helps get your mind off whatever is troubling you. If you can’t think of something, then have a list. In my family, my mom has a list of outdoor activites we can do, so whenever we can’t think of something, we go to the list. It has some pretty creative and funny stuff. You can make up your own. I think three favorites of mine that are on the list are:

    A. Make flower arrangemeants for the dinning table, & breakfast nook.

    B. Play hide-n-seek or tag.

    C. Draw with chalk.

    2. Draw – Coloring is very comforting, and peaceful. It can help take your mind off whatever is troubling you. 

    3. Make a meal – Cooking is a good way to remain focused on one thing and not worrying about another. You can make a meal, bake some awesome dessert, and\or make a frozen treat! 

     “Don’t worry, be happy!” 

    -Madie Grace



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