A Lesson from Hiking

This spring break, my family and I packed up some clothes, and hit the road for Asheville. We would be hiking, and doing all activities for the week. Other than hiking, some of these included going to Biltmore, ( America’s biggest home) and for my older brother, golfing and fishing. After a tiring day, in which we went to several different camp sites, because we had trouble with the one we had reserved, we found a place to stay. The next morning we all got ready for the hike ahead of us, on a trail that many mountain bikers used. We drove for five minutes until we reached the parking lot near the trail head. The map seemed to be laid out so simply, every trail color coded and marked. In the woods, however, things were not as simple as they had looked like on the map. After walking maybe a mile on the rocky trail, we all began to complain how we should turn back. We had gone far enough, and seen all there was to see, we voiced. Our parents however, led us on. Many times on the trail, we complained to our guide, and father. Many times he would tell us to push forward, to go a bit further. Whenever we would reach a crossroad, where different paths dispersed into the woods, he would confidently lead us down one. Not all the time, listening to what trail we thought was right. Some crossroads showed flat trails, which we said, would be easier, and not as tiresome. At last, once we had reached almost another mile, we came to more crossroads. Three paths led different ways. We were on our path, and two others twisted away into the woods. Again, we voiced our opinions, saying we should turn around. After all, we said, we knew the way back, and which trails to take on the familiar road. Our guide, and father however led us down a different path when we had no proof other than his word, that it would lead us back to the parking lot. We followed him, not going back the way we had came.  We walked forward on the trail, with our doubts and uncertainties. People passed on the trail, but we did not ask for guidance. We were following the trail that our guide had said to go. With our doubts, uncertain and troubled minds, we walked. At some point on the trail, we stopped and asked a person if we were on the right trail. He answered us, proving our guide was right, that this was the right trail. 

In life we all have our uncertainties, and questions at least once in our lives. If we are on the right trail, our guide (the Holy Spirit), and our Heavenly Father is always watching over us, and always knows which way to go. Even if we don’t see it at that time, we have to learn to trust God. Our vison can sometimes get clouded with Satan’s lies…

 I hope this experience inspires you as much as it did for me.

– Madie Grace



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