Be Grateful

Honestly, being grateful is something that is hard for me. I have a tendency of not seeing how lucky I am until it is taken away…

When I broke my wrist last summer, it was a humbling experience. I use to be the biggest helper in our house, I would help with meals, dishwasher duty, vacuuming, and holding my little sister. I tripped on a rough patch of assault while jogging down a hill. Suddenly, I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t do any of my chores, even get my own meal. I felt pretty helpless, I couldn’t even hold my little sister anymore. I had a hard time dressing with my cast, and almost every outdoor activity was out of the question. I could not go on any bike rides, or play basket ball. I could barely read, which is awful! I was not happy at our new house, I felt shy, I was no longer around the people I had seen for the first twelve years of my life. I was shoved into a completely different world. I was expected to be a teenager when I really didn’t want to grow up. Childhood seemed like the only part of me that still reminded me, that my time on Signal Mountain was not a dream. So, when I broke my arm, I found out how really lucky I had been. I could have ridden my bike anytime, I could have ridden scooters with my little sisters, I could have done so many things. When my cast came off, my arm was really weak. I could barely squeeze it into a fist. I had not moved it in six weeks. I had to learn to be patient as I used a stressed ball to help strengthen my arm. Breaking my arm was painful, but it helped me in so many ways.

I learned a lesson in patience as I waited for my arm to be something other than a limp noodle. LOL

Lessons can come in all shapes and sizes. Though I didn’t realize it then, I learned to be grateful.

Here is a song that goes a long with this topic.

-Madie Grace 


2 thoughts on “Be Grateful

    1. You are so welcome. I sorta find it funny that I wrote a post about breaking my arm. At the time I was super unhappy about it, but I guess it’s that way with all kinds of things. You don’t know until later what valuable things you have learned through your trials and challenges.


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