New Year Resolutions & how to make sure you don’t forget…

Every New Year, I make myself A list of goals I want to complete…Last year I wanted to read 750 books by the New Year. Unfortunately, I forgot to record how many books I read after February. I am sure I made it close though. For those who are like me, who love making these goals, but often forget what they are, or even forget them entirely, you need to make yourself reminders…We have been gifted with device’s that can give you alarms and/or if you are like me, you can take out your many colored post-it notes and stick one everywhere you think it should be…The point is, when you make New Year Resolutions, It’s not for fun…It is for trying to make yourself a better person. To have God look down with pride and love to see how you have conquered a bad habit. Because, when my Heavenly Father looks down on me, I want him to be proud of my Goals…An Activity Day Girls teacher once told me (when I was still in primary) ,  “One goal for exercise, one for spirit, one for family, one for friends, and one for making a better you.”

One of my more challenging GOALS is to try to be more patient with my numerous siblings…

-Madie Grace


5 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions & how to make sure you don’t forget…

  1. Goals are awesome! Last year I made SMART goals – the acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. They worked really well for me and I was able to accomplish almost all of them! It really does make a difference in your life when you set and achieve goals, not just forget about them! 🙂

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