A lesson from my teacher 

This is a lesson that was taught to me today. I go to a co-op called UHC once a week. 

I was in my 2nd to last class when my teacher said, ” Students, I have been prompted by the Lord to give you this lesson.” Then she began to write a number up on the board. She said, ” What is this?” A boy called out, ” A number.” Someone else said, ” A grade” My teacher nodded at all this but said, ” All those are right but do you know what I see?” We shook our heads and she said, ” Yes, It is number, it is a grade but that’s not all. It is just a number written on the board & no more. A grade does not show who you are or what you are made of. It does not make me look at this class and say, ‘Oh, look at Hannah, she has a 89, that means she is not a good worker and does not have a smart enough brain to solve our tests and lessons.’ No, what you see up there is a number, no more. When I look out at you all, I do not see numbers…I see beautiful sons and daughters of the Lord. I see courageous, friendly, kind, helpful, & BEAUTIFUL students. That number on the board is NOT who you are. Sure, you want to work hard and try your best, but that isn’t Caleb. He might have a 67 but that isn’t all he is. He loves animals, and is a kind person. So, that number on the board is not who you are. REMEMBER STUDENTS, that number IS NOT who you are.” 

I think this was a great lesson. I am so inspired. 

 – Madie Grace


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