Mistakes can help others.


I think it’s very important to try and help others go the right path. We cannot force them but we can guide them. It’s up to the other person to choose if they want to listen to you or not. If you tried helping them, that’s all that matters you did your part.  I think that when we make a mistake whether it’s small or large we can actually take that and help others not make that same mistake. I believe that’s why they say ‘the older you are the more wiser you can be’ because the older you are the more experiences you have learned from. I think we are all here to help each other out. Sometimes Heavenly Father will put someone in your life that changes you into something even better. You may be thinking “why me?” but instead say “try me.”

Just always remember if someone does not listen to your advice, don’t push that person away, but just always be there for him/her like in the video the boy was still standing there after the other boy went in that water to catch him when he jumped. Sometimes it takes another persons help to get out of a deep hole.

Like let’s say you were told to not touch something but you did anyways and the glass broke. What does your parents do? Well they may be a bit upset about it but they always forgive you and still love you as much as they did before so let’s follow our parents example!

Here is the original boy that was helping the other boy not make his mistake.



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