Beautiful For Him

Everyday, us girls are constantly being bombarded by the messages of the world telling us that we need to be this way, & look like that, etc. It’s a grueling work to try and be teenager in these perilous times because we are constantly fighting to remember our precious & infinite worth.

It’s not easy, trust me I’ve been there. I know what its like to see myself in the mirror and the battle I face as I look into my eyes. I know how hard it is to not compare, I know how hard it is to not be happy with yourself, but please if you’re going to listen to anything I say today please listen to this..

YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN GOLD! You are a beautiful daughter of God with incredible inner beauty because you know exactly who you are and where you’re going. The next time the devil starts whispering those lies as you look in the mirror, straighten your shoulders and put on your dazzling smile and know that God loves you and thinks you are worth more than any riches in the whole world. Because you are His child, His light will shine in your face and in your heart, and that is what truly makes you beautiful, the light of Christ found within in you.

As you listen to this song, think of it as Heavenly Father speaking to you, and please know that He made you this way for a reason…To be beautiful for Him. PLEASE KNOW HOW SPECIAL YOU ARE!



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