We Have So Much To Offer

Many people – especially teenagers – often feel like there’s no reason for them to be here on earth. They feel hopeless, useless, and alone. Which is absolutely NOT TRUE!

God, who loves you and will ALWAYS be with you, put you here for a reason! Think about it logically – God has a LOT of stuff to do. Lots of people to take care of. Lots of worlds to run. People’s eternal salvation to decide. Prayers to answer. A really long to-do list, right?

So do you think He would intentionally add one more person to His list if He didn’t think that person could help Him do His work? If He didn’t think He could love and comfort that person? Nope!

So always remember, God has a purpose for you, and He has given you talents to help you accomplish that purpose! When you realize this, you can begin to share your potential with the world and as you do His work, fulfill His plan, you can feel His love for you that will never end! This is an amazing concept and I wish everyone knew it!

If you’re struggling to understand this, work on the values of Divine Nature (understanding that God is your Father) and Individual Worth (realizing that you are unique and the only one who can do what God needs you to do) in Personal Progress.

You are loved and needed!



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