Being Refined

In my seminary class this week, my teacher shared a BYU devotional from 2006 called “Your Refined Heavenly Home”. I thought it was really an interesting perspective and even though it isn’t doctrine or scriptures, it’s a neat talk and gives you some things to think about. I recommend reading the whole thing when you have time, but I’ll just give an overview here.

Douglas L. Callister gave the speech and focused on the fact that our Heavenly Father and the people who live in heaven are “refined”, and if we want to feel comfortable in their presence then we need to be refined as well. Our Heavenly Family uses refined language, not only in the words they use but also in the things they speak of.

They seek after things that are “virtuous, lovely, of good report, and praiseworthy.” Interestingly enough, Brother Callister mentioned things like classical music, books, plays & symphonies!

Here is the video…

Enjoy, and find a way to become more refined this week!



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