I love this quote by Henry B. Eyring. It is so true.  This can mean many things…


  1. Your words (bullying, cruel words, etc.)
  2. Your actions (not standing up for someone, ignoring, not sitting next to someone when they are by themselves, etc.)
  3. The emotions on your face – Sometimes you may not realize it but if someone looks at you and if you look angry then they may be a little offended.
  4. Being a bad example – If you tell someone to do something that is not with God’s standards then if they choose to listen to you that person may be in that situation for the rest of their lives.

There is many more things that applies to this but I just listed four.  You don’t just hold the happiness of others but you also hold your OWN happiness. It is a CHOICE to be happy. You can be happy even in the WORST situation. It’s true. It may be hard but with Heavenly Father’s guidance you can CHOOSE to be happy.  Now if someone makes you feel not your best don’t let them have the POWER to HOLD your HAPPINESS. This is very important. YOU can ALWAYS CHOOSE to be HAPPY no matter what.

I want you to always remember this. That this quote means to not be mean to others and it also means not to let others have the POWER to HOLD your HAPPINESS.

-Autumn Pagni



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